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A Note to the July delegates:-
What a wonderful, informative and interactive session we had in July. Thanks to all who attended.  I do believe that you gained useful information to help move you closer to your publishing goals!  It was lovely meeting each and every one and hearing the different stories and goals that live within you. I will definitely be on the lookout for your work and am excited that you're moving closer to your goals.
Remember as we discussed, if you wait until you're 100% ready, you'll never start.  So start in spite of the fear you might have or the doubt that keeps popping up.  You have a unique story to tell and the world is waiting to hear it.  
Best wishes for a happy prolific future that comes from your wonderfully imaginative mind. 
Best regards
Lynne :-)

Special offer for church groups in 
September and October!
Only R175 per person if using church
venue and equipment!
Minimum 8 delegates.

How to Publish a Book Workshop

where you will learn everything you need to learn to
get your book published!

You've worked so hard on your book,
        now take it to the next level. 

Book your spot at the next workshop where you will

* What an ISBN Number is and where to obtain one.

* Learn why you need to send copies of your book 
   to State libraries. Get contact details on how
   to do so.

* Learn the various formats of ebooks and get insider     info on how to format your book to make it
  accessible to the various electronic gadgets.

* Learn how to publish to platforms such as Amazon
  and Smashwords.

* Learn about POD (Print On Demand).

* Find out what publishers won't tell you.

* Learn how to set up your website to sell your book
   directly from your website.

* And much, much more...

* Meet with like minded authors and share your 

* Leave with a manual packed with information
to get you closer to your publishing goal!
Presented by Lynne Torrente, author of
The Wrong Side of 30,  and
Cameras Don't Lie

For more info and to book your
churches date, email:
Don't wait another day!  

Make your dream reality and get your work published - today!


Breathe life into your book!

Give it wings!


"How to Publish a Book Workshop"
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"Writing a book is

daydreaming one

page at at time!"

"The most difficult and complicated
part of the writing process
is the beginning."
A.B. Yehoshua
"Writing to me is simply
thinking through my fingers."
Isaac Asimov
"When writing a novel a writer
should create living people, 
not characters. A character 
is a caricature."

     Ernest Hemingway