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Cameras Don't Lie

Her life was never the same!
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A scene from the book:-

Could these be the pills?  She closed her eyes.  Think Devlin, think.  What colour were the pills 
at the centre?  Think brain.  Don’t shut down now.  She squeezed the container with the vengeance of a vice grip on a piece of steel, trying to will the picture back to memory.  Her eyes flew open.  They were 
the same colour.  Pale yellow.  
Oval shaped.  She’d seen the pills 
through the blister packs in the box on the table.  These were the same pills.  Horror.  Fear.  Shock.  Who was this man she was married to?  She sat down on the bed.  Her 
legs felt like jelly.  What was she going to do now?  Was she going 
to ask him outright if he’d been trying to kill their baby?  Of course, he would deny it and say the hormones were getting to her.  He would hug her and say, ‘Never 
Pix, how could you think such a thing.’  No, he would deny it.  But then if she didn’t confront him, how was she going to live her life?  Checking everything he gave her 
to drink and eat.  The orange juice.  He’d been so adamant lately that she drank her juice.  ‘Keep your energy up Pix.’  He’d stand and watch as she drank.  Now she 
knew why.  Not out of concern for her.  How can one be so cruel?  
She hurriedly put the tablets back into the container and shoved it 
into her bag.  She needed to get 
out of the house.  She couldn’t 
stay here for one minute longer.

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I interviewed Devlin Cole of Cameras Don't Lie.  I wanted to hear
why Spring Manor was so taken by a stranger that arrived there.
I was fascinated by what she had to say.  Adam had changed her,
forgiven her and like so many in the town, healed her.  I suppose
it's understandable why she was beaming from ear to ear.
I also wanted to know why some people wanted this kind man dead.
Who was threatening him?  What happened to him?  Did they
succeed?  And is this why she felt in danger too?

This is what she had to say...

“There was no way that He wasn’t going to cause a stir.  I mean, He was talking about a touchy subject and He wasn’t letting up.  He was changing peoples’ hearts and He was making an impact on the residents of Spring Manor.  He spent many hours talking to the people at His favourite spot in the park, that old park bench.  I grew to love it just as much.”
“But I still don’t get it.  What was so wrong with that that He was threatened to stop?”
“From the outset He caused a stir.  Perhaps if I tell you where it all started, you’ll understand a little better.  Shall I?”
“Yes, please do.”
“Well as you know I have my studio in The Vine Shopping Mall and this was where I first saw what He was able to do.  I heard a commotion and terrified screaming, well, more like creepy, eerie screaming.  I dashed off in the direction of the noise to find a young teenage boy thrashing around on the tiles.  He was writhing like a snake among broken pot plant pieces, cutting himself.  He was a mess.  I’ll never forget his eyes.  Black, pitch black eyes.  Almost not even there.  It was strange.  But eyes full of hatred.  I was scared he was going to hurt someone.  The security guards tried to get him under control but they couldn’t.  He threw them around like rag dolls.  And then I saw Him.  Adam.  He brushed past me.  I almost sensed Him before I saw Him.  I found it so odd at the time.  Now I understand why.  Anyway, he took the boy’s hand and cast out the demon from him.  I and the crowd were stunned into silence.  Off course I had my camera with me and I snapped all the scenes.  Of the young boy and his father embracing, his father sobbing with joy.”
“And this is when you interviewed him for the newspaper?”
“Yes.  I interviewed him later on the lawn outside the mall.  And this was where He spoke out on a very controversial subject much to the peoples’ surprise.  Not that what He was talking about was illegal.  In fact it was legal.  But as He continued to speak out about this, He started changing women’s minds and hearts and this is when He became a problem to a certain sector of the community.”
“I’m not sure I follow.  If He was changing hearts and minds it would be a good thing, not so?”
“Oh it was a good change in every way for the women concerned and they thanked Him numerous times.  It was this particular sector that wasn’t happy because it was having an effect on their business.  But I am so excited to tell you how He changed me.”
“Fine let’s do that we can always come back to this point.  You do seem very happy.  Has Adam got anything to do with it?”
“Happy doesn’t begin to describe it.  I carried so much guilt around with me because of a childhood event for which I blamed myself for years.  After performing incredible miracles at the river which I captured for a follow-up story, He pulled me aside to walk with Him along the river, my favourite spot.  I had believed lies so long that they were ingrained in me.  Strange how us women do that hey?  Believing lies before we believe the truth.  Well He wiped all the guilt away that day and that was the beginning of the wonderful change in my life.  And that’s the task that He commissioned me to do.  To spread the truth with my camera.  He warned me it wouldn’t be easy.  And was He ever right.  It was even dangerous at times and I can say my life took drastic turns.  Turns that I would never have had envisaged.  But I worked through those too with Adam’s help.”
“What do mean when you say ‘the truth’?”
“He told me He’d come down from heaven to reconcile man with God and looking back now I realize in a roundabout way He was telling me that He might have to offer the ultimate sacrifice for that reconciliation.  That broke my heart when the time came.  But I knew He’d come to do just that.  But victory sometimes comes after much sorrow.  That’s another lesson in life we learn isn’t it?”
“You’re right there.  But unfortunately our time is running out so let me bring you back to our earlier point of discussion.  What was the controversial topic that caused so much debate and even danger?   The one that seemed to cause a paradox of emotions and reactions in Spring Manor?”
“A very sore point I must say, one that caused Him many tears which he shed openly and unashamedly.  A subject that He spoke about with passion.  A subject that robbed the world of the ones that He loved so much.  And a word that I hate mentioning and will always hate mentioning. 

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Biblical fiction with a twist!