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"It's none of their
business that you
have to learn to
write. Let them
think you were
born that way."
Ernest Hemingway

This was fascinating!

I wanted to know 
who wanted to kill such a kind man?  Did they succeed? What was 
the controversial subject that caused 
all the problems?

I interviewed my 
main character in my book, 
"Cameras Don't Lie" and this is what 
she had to say.  

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FULL-time mom and wife Lynne Torrente, has independently published her second novel Cameras Don’t Lie in April this year.

Lynne wrote her first book, The Wrong Side of 30, a few years ago penning her five-year struggle with infertility and birth of her “miracle daughter”.


According to Lynne, the second book came about as a result of questions such as: “If Jesus were on earth today, how would people be affected by Him and more importantly, who would be threatened by His presence enough to want him dead,” said Lynne...

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"All our dreams can
come true if we
have the courage to
pursue them."
Walt Disney

"I don't know the key
to success, but the
key to failure is
trying to please
Bill Cosby

"To succeed in life
you need two things;
ignorance and
Mark Twain

Write about what you love. 
Barbara Cartland wrote 24 romances a year for many years.  Writing on the subject that she loved. 
Find what you'd love to write about and write!
Just write!
Stop with the excuses!
It's your life!
Your dream!
So write!
Start now!

"There is no great writing, only great rewriting."
Justice Brandeis

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What a wonderful thought...
Spring brings promises of warmer weather, blue skies and days walking
on the beach, watching the dogs trying to catch fish, or the gulls
flying overhead.
A gripping novel...
Cameras Don't Lie

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What would happen if Jesus came to earth today and not 2000 years ago?
How would people react to Him and to His miracles and presence?

How would the world be affected by Him?

And more importantly, who would want Him DEAD? 

Devlin Cole has it all; a wonderful husband, thriving,
photographic studio, lovely home.

But things change when a stranger comes to town. 
He heals a demon-possessed boy at the mall where she has her studio.  She covers the story and subsequent healings for the local newspaper as freelance journalist.  

The town is taken with this kind stranger as he continues healing the residents of Spring Manor, claiming that He is from heaven come to earth to redeem mankind.  His influence on the town grows as the people grow hungry to hear more of what He has to say.

As Devlin spends more and more time with him, she begins to believe that He might be who He says He is as she finds herself healed from her past hurts and it even seems that her deepest heart's prayers might be answered.

But Devlin is surprised to see that not everyone is taken with the kind man.  
And when a murder takes place she begins to
connect the dots and together with her long-time
college friend, uncovers shocking truths that rock
her world.


A fast-paced novel that will keep you guessing as
you are drawn to the real characters.

Biblical fiction with a twist!

You can read a sample at Smashwords or you can click on the links below to read a sample of Cameras Don't Lie.

Click here to read sample in MOBI format.

Click here to read sample in PDF format.

Enjoy getting to know Devlin and the people of Spring Manor and how they react to having Jesus in town!

What readers had to say...

I loved this book. Author added a large dash of spice to a story old and familiar. Storyline brought both shock and anger, tears and smiles. I just had to know “who, what and why” hence I kept a-turning the pages. (BarbaraT)

"I found this to be an interesting story with fast-paced plot and I enjoyed the drama and overtone of the character development.  I was able to get involved with the characters and this book did have a quality about it that was unique.  To me this book tied in a lot of messages interspersed with mystery, drama." (Kimberly D.)

"Cameras Don't Lie.  What a great read!  Thoroughly enjoyed it."  (Antoinette S.)

"Thoroughly enjoyed Cameras Don't Lie.  You had me hanging on every word."  (Debbie L.)

Make today count!
Make each breath you take, count!
Make your moments count!
Make your life count!
Make the dream you dream, count!
Make YOU  count!

You are unique and you have a story to tell.  
You have a creative world to share.
Don't doubt anymore, start writing today!

Paint your world with the
colors of your dreams.
L.J. Torrente

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"No-one can quite believe in your dreams the way you do. So keep them close to your heart, safe from the harsh words of those who don't understand how you dream or the depth of your dream." 

Lynne Torrente
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Read a heart-warming story
of faith during infertility!

"The Wrong Side of 30" is
a book that covers the
journey of one woman as she
believed and trusted for
the baby that she
so desperately wanted.
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